A Day in the Park

Wednesday, was a mixed day for our group.  Some families having not visited their orphanages on Tuesday following breakfast left for their orphanages.  That left a group of us behind at the hotel.  A few of us gathered and went to the park that is located about a 20 minutes walk down the road.  It really isn't that far, but you have to cross over the street using a bridge and then take you life into your own hands as you cross another 6 lane road to get there.  The day was very warm and beautiful.  Ivy loves riding in the stroller which is a very good thing as my arms are aching from carrying her around all day.  This park is the same one I took Avery to visit when we were here to years ago to adopt her.  The park is beautiful and very full of families.  As a group we were quite the spectacle.   One family adopted two babies at the same time, plus they brought their three other children with them on this trip,  another family the husband is 6 foot eight, and well I am blond and get my own fair amount of attention.  If I had a Yuan for every photo taken of me, I would be rich.  Ivy was too little for the amusement rides, but the other families children loved them.  Then it was time to go home for a little nap before adventuring out for dinner.  We went to BBQ!  I know we are in China, but I have Chinese food every morning for breakfast.  Zax's is run by an American who is from Atlanta of all places.  I can't get the photo off my phone, but you will just have to believe me the food was good. I had ribs and sweet potato fries.  Yummy!


Francesca said…
Too funny that strangers would come up to you and take photos!!!
Sounds just like the quiet day you all needed.
Unknown said…
We are adopting from Henan too, I need to make a note of this restaurant. I am sure we will want some different food too. This park looks fun and lovely. We will have our kids with us, so I am sure it will be a good place to get some energy out.

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