February and March Coming and Goings

1) Addy has become an expert smoothie maker with her papa!
2) The Children celebrated Cat & The Hat as school.  Addy made this awesome cat.
3) Spring has arrived and everything is starting to bloom.  A few more days and the trees should get some buds on them.
4) We celebrated with Roman for a second time with his friends at Catch Air for his birthday followed up by Dipping Dots at Fizzy Wigs.
5) I got to hang out with my best friends of almost 30's in Anchorage, Alaska.
6) Winston started off another soccer season.  His team one their first game 3/2.


Holly said…
Looks like the month is of to an adventurous start, great photos.
Francesca said…
I wish spring were here! But it looks like winter arrived instead.

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