Baby L

Babies bring so much joy to the world.  How can anyone be grumpy when their is a baby in the room. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take photos of my friend's baby.  She was such a relaxed and chill baby.  Hope she stays that way because in a couple of months her family will be moving back to Germany.  I am so excited for their new adventure and I know they are too because they will finally be close to their family.


NCSue said…
Great photos - especially those adorable feet! I just LOVE baby feet!
Thanks for sharing at
Ahhh..those sweet little baby feet caught my eye! What a pretty baby!
What cute kids. Where is your banner photo taken? Is that Jersey Shore or something? Looks fun. Good luck with your next summer plans, I know it can be a pain locating housing. We are trying to figure out where we are going to land every summer while we are living in SA. Our oldest is at BYU, so Provo is a logical choice, but finding a place that can accommodate our needs and hers as a student is proving more difficult than I would have guessed.
I love the sweet baby's feet photograph! She is adorable and it's easy to tell how much she's already loved. Blessings!
Julie said…
Great photos; so wonderful!
So cute kids :)

All the best to you and your family
Joana, from Hamburg
Alexa T said…
Beautiful photos! An adorable baby and a lovely family! Thank you for your visit and greetings!
Susan Cook said…
cute pics adorable family :)
Unknown said…
Fabulous photos! Babies are always cute and I adore those tiny toes.
Lindas crianças...Parabéns!!!
Anonymous said…
Love the details in your photos! Your third photo is so heartwarming! You bring a special aspect of life to SEASONS and love the variety your views bring, so
just a gentle reminder to link up to SEASONS today (photo link is open to 7pm Pacific time). Hope to see you there! Have a happy week:)

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