17 and Eagle

Last weekend, too big events occurred.  My son turned 17!  Thanks to grandma and dad who came through for me and made sure he was made to feel special.  The other big event was that Harris completed his Eagle Scout project.  What is an Eagle Scout project.  It is there final assignment in the Boy Scout program.  The participant organizes a project that benefits the community such as feeding the hungry, cleaning up local parks, and in my sons case building a bridge that will benefit those members of a local church go from one part of the parking lot to another.  The project can't benefit the participant in any way, so for example he couldn't build something for our family. He still isn't an Eagle yet, but now he has everything completed to submit his paperwork and wait for it to be reviewed.  We are so proud of him!  We are so grateful for all the leaders along the way who have given of their time, knowledge, and friendship.  The Boy Scout program truly is a wonderful program.  My husband not growing up in the program thought it was just all about camping, but it is so much more.  My son has learned how to build this bridge for example, gone scuba diving, camped, swim, cook, basics of engineering, and so  much more.  I am grateful his two younger brothers are following in his footsteps.  We are proud of you Harris!  Way to go!


Tamar SB said…
What a wonderful experience!
Happy 17th birthday to him!
Betsy Brock said…
Happy Birthday to your son...such an exciting age! :)
Great job and happy birthday!
Ohmydearests said…
what a wonderful experience! and im sure those skills will be invaluable in years to come! happy birthday to your son! have a beautiful week! (ps you should visit S Africa now... the Rand is so weak against the $! )
NCSue said…
Great shots.
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Sharon said…
Happy birthday to Harris! I can see why you are a proud mom!
4 Lettre Words said…
Wow...soooo exciting! And, what a lovely weekend for celebrating. :)
Happy Birthday and congrats to Harris making Eagle Scouts. That is a huge achievement and he should be so proud. Many boys do not achieve this until they are in college or around the age of 20. He has done wonders to achieve it at such a young age and you should be so proud! Take care and have a great weekend! ~Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants

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