Christmas Eve

Someone was so excited for Santa to come that she could not sleep.
She finally crashed around 11 p.m.

It was so cute!  On Christmas Eve we went to Church for a special Christmas program.  Before we went I told Addy we were going to go to a birthday party for Jesus and she asked me if there would be goody bags.  I told her no and that Jesus was the gift. 


Karren Haller said…
What a precious comment, she is a pretty little girl!!
NC Sue said…
Such a sweetheart!
Thank you for linking up these lovely photos at
DrillerAA09 said…
Perfectly captured image that tells the story of a child's excitement on Christmas Eve. Really nice work.
Francesca said…
I always find that the age gap in a family is a good thing: we still have childhood fresh enthusiasm to reshape classic tween disenchantment!
Tera said…
Beautiful photos!

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