Tuesday Morning in October

Outside the sky is grey and sheets of rain are coming down.  How is it possible for it to rain so hard.  It is like a monsoon.  The boys are off at school.  Addy has just woken from a nap.  She climbs into the chair and smiles.  Powder sugar hand print across the back of my pants.   The house smells like pumpkin and spice and cupcakes are made for the teacher luncheon.  House is ready to welcome in October.   Hello October!  Tomorrow Roman goes to the cardiologist with hopes that all is well.  I always get a little nervous because one never really knows when he will need his valve replacement.  Not sure if he will take a quick look at Addy.  The hole in her heart hasn't fully closed up, but they just think it is a matter of time.   What is on your Tuesday agenda?


tinajo said…
I´ve been with youngest rascal at his dance class - so much fun! Hope it goes well, love the pics and that hair!
Arctic Mum said…
She's so cute! Best of look at the doctor to you. My Tuesday: getting up at 0530 (Anna wakes up to early!), getting off to work after dropping off Anna and Lilli at the kindergarten, and my partner takes Elsa to school by foot. Then picking them up, making dinner whatever that takes 20 minutes, and by six Anna is so tired she falls asleep. Finally a minute on my own now at nine pm, feels wonderful!
Arctic Mum said…
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Abby is ADORABLE! And that cup cake? OH MY GOSH! It looks so fabulous!
Francesca said…
You did a great job decorating your house! I hope the check up is nothing more other than a routine check-up - we've got to be grateful for so, so many things about modern medicine!
She is too sweet....how do you not spend all day just kissing that face!!
Danelle said…
I love your mantle! And I have to try making something cute and pumpkin flavored in a jar!
Menthe Blanche said…
Lovely Addy!
Have a nice day :)
Anne said…
Your Halloween decor looks great! Hope all goes well with the check ups! Cute photos:)
well, good luck to you all. it's friday now, so you've been to see the doctor.
can i say, early-halloween-you?!!!

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