Thursday was a busy day that included a parent teacher conference with my youngest son Roman's teacher to driving to Macy's at Lennox Square for a party given for children with Congenital Heart Disease.  We arrived at the party at 3:00 p.m.  I had invited my friend Lucy and her two sons to join us because they had never been on the Pink Pig!  Not a cloud in the sky and it was hot outside with record breaking temperatures of 80 degrees for October.  The children immediately spotted the cotton candy, and in minutes their faces and fingers were covered in the sticky pink threads of sugar.  In another booth a man was shaping pink balloons into pig hats.  We skipped the face painting and got in line for the ride on the pink pig train. As I held Addy in my arms sweat was dripping down my face.  I can't believe it is the end of October I thought to myself.  My friend Lucy said, "Boy it is hot," and the lady in front of us agreed.  The children had fun on the train and we headed home.  Friday was also a gorgeous day!  Saturday morning we woke up to overcast skies, but by the time we left for Roman's soccer game the skies had cleared; however it was pretty windy and as I stood on the sidelines I had to do a little dance to keep warm.  After the soccer game we had to hurry and drop Winston off at his friend Matthew's house, so he could to to his soccer game and we could go to the football game.  When we arrived at Georgia Tech I realized I didn't have any sweaters for the children and the wind was really whipping around making it cold despite the 60 degree temperatures  reported on the bank sign.

On Sunday, we woke up to dark grey skies.  It was cold outside.  During the night it had rained.  The trees swayed back and forth all night long and not very quietly.  After church, we turned on the fireplace and cuddled under a blanket thankful that Hurricane Sandy was not making a direct path for us.

Monday, the skies had cleared but it was barely above freezing outside.  Thankfully, Addy's coat had arrived over the weekend.  My car needed the oil changed and we dropped the car at the mechanics.  When I returned home I sat down at the computer to take car of some pressing e-mails. I realized I hadn't eaten and was hungry.  I got up and made myself lunch.  When I returned a few minutes later all my e-mails were gone.  What? How is that possible???  I looked in my sent box and all my e-mails were gone.  I looked in my contact folder and everything was gone.  I logged out of my account and re-logged in.  Still everything was gone and that was when my phone began going crazy.  I began receiving texts saying are you OK   I just got a strange e-mail from you stating you were stuck in the Philippians and that you had been robbed.  Another text said it looks like you have been hacked.  Are you OK?  I quickly texted everyone back and immediately called Yahoo my e-mail provider.  Basically, they told me there was nothing they could do.  If I was willing to pay $260 dollars they might be able to get back all my information. While I had eaten lunch someone sitting in an internet cafe most likely in Nigeria had stolen all my information.  I am angry.  I am sad.  I no have no way of contacting anyone through e-mails until the send me an e-mail.  I spent my day changing account passwords. We even had to contact our retirement company to make sure no one had tried to get into the account.  What a mess!!!!  Who knows how long this will go on for!  It is possible they can steal my identity   I had just e-mailed my drivers license and birth certificate to a government agency needing those documents.  I am praying that isn't the chase, but who knows, and while all this was going on a storm was crashing up the east coast of New Jersey and New York.  Leaving many homeless as the flood waters crashed in upon their homes and others without power.  We have even had some damage here in Georgia.  A tree crashed in upon a friends home yesterday.  Thankfully no one is hurt.

Right now I feel raw.  Do I feel thankful that my family is OK and that my family in Massachusetts is OK or do I feel angry because my e-mail account has been stolen and all my information taken.  I am trying to feel thankful.  Thankful that my husband had canceled his trip to D.C. for yesterday a week ago because had he gone he might have been stuck there as they are reporting flights have been canceled until they can be sure they can get everyone home safely. 


tinajo said…
Yikes, I´m so very sorry - that totally suck! However, I must say that Yahoo asked for a lot of money for something that should be in their interest to help out with... :-/

I sure hope everything will improve from here, and I´m glad the storm was kind of gentle with you.
Dana said…
I received the email claiming you were in the Phillipines, too. I knew it was a hoax but immediately felt for you, knowing what a pain this would create for you.
I can't imagine how you must's unbelievable what people will do...I hate this part of the technology the hackers! Hope all is okay there. Happy Halloween!
i am angry and sad for you too! shame on yahoo. i use yahoo and that makes me really mad.

glad your family is well and safe.
xo tracie

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