Artist "Corner View"

Art in my opinion is in the eye of the beholder.
My two little artist created these creations for Halloween.
Happy Halloween!
Come back and visit tomorrow as there will be an appearance from 
Red Riding Hood, a Power Ranger, and a Ghoul
See you soon!


Susanna Redeker said…
great artist, it is a big job to do such big pompoenen - forgot the word for this vegy!-
Shauna said…
Kelleyn, I"m sorry to have read about the fiasco that has taken place with your email. My husband and I were just talking about this stuff. We've had our account hacked twice in the last year, our bank account. Times are getting crazy, especially when you get the feeling that these criminals are winning out.

Your kids are cute with their pumpkins and your oldest son, very handsome. Happy Halloween,

tinajo said…
They did better than I would have - well done! :-)
Brilliant work, well done boys.
Anonymous said…
wow, they are nice ... have a great halloween :)
Menthe Blanche said…
These pumpkins are great! Tonight my daughter told me she wanted to live in the United States to celebrate Halloween :)
Stephanie said…
Such good pumpkin carvers!
Heather said…
Very talented pumpkin artists!
Theresa said…
And they are so proud when they make their pumpkins, aren't they?
kelleyn! for a mo' i thought your boy was inside that gigantic pumpkin, as the photo didn't show up in its full length at once. so cute!
your sweet young creators are artists! tell 'em!
tanĂ¯a said…
Amazing pieces of art!

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