Children see differently than we do

As my head looked above the covers I was not greeted with sunshine, but rather a sky completely grey.  I did not want to get up, but one little girl didn't like the idea of staying in bed all day.  I felt around the edge of my bed and slipped my feet into my sheep skin lined Ugh mules.  I love these slippers.  I scooped Addy out of her bed and we head downstairs.  She was hungry.  A jar of carrots awaited her.  She could seriously eat carrots all day.  I wonder if she will ever really like food.  She is such a picky eater.  The jar is gone before I know it and in the meantime I have finished my bowl of multigrain cheerios.  We head over into the playroom where I set Addy infront of a giant toybox.  I grab the giant comforter and snuggle into my chair with a book titled A Lucky Child A Memoir of Surviving Auschwitz As A Young Boy.  The mood of the book matches the weather outside, but yet I can't put it down.  It truely is amazing how he was able to survive Ausschwitz given how young he was at the time.  The children just didn't make it! 

Later that afternoon as we passed the meadows filled with horses on our way to soccer the weather was a complete contrast to earlier in the day.  The sun was shining and a  blue umbra sky stretched before me. Roman in the back seat begins telling me he knows how to spell.  I say, 'What do you know how to spell?"  He replies, "Cat see C-A-T."  Very good I reply and he says,"I know how to spell bat B-A-T.  I say Fantastic can you spell any other words that have the at sound in them and he follows with M-A-T and R-A-T and H-A-T and then he preceeds to tell me the H in the Hat sound like HA.  Then he switches to tell me he can spell no N-O. " That is really good Roman you are ready to read," I say. He is ready to read.  The other day in the doctors office he opened up a book that was laying on the table and begins to point out all the sight words he knows in the book such as at, you, I, he, can, are, and a few others.  My little boy will be readying before I know it, but what does any of this have to do with the picture above?   Well, it is a picture of Roman's soccer team.  While we were in the car Roman tells me his coach is handicapped.  I say "I know." He then tells me his loves his coach and that even though he limps, has only one hand, and is small compared to the other dads he can do everything like everyone else.  I tell him he is right that Mickey can do anything anyone else can.  Then we are at soccer.  I park the car and Roman hops out of the car yelling "Hey Mickey."  I love that boy!


Stephanie said…
So so sweet! Kids are the best, and we should always follow their example. : )
tinajo said…
That´s just great, I love kiddos! :-)
Dana said…
I know a few adults who could learn a thing or two from him.
jgy said…
Roman's a great speller and teacher!!
Such a sweet story,
and your way of telling it is ♡-felt!!
Happy week:))
Danelle said…
That is so cute the he loves his soccer coach so much!
Shauna said…
Your'e blessed to have a child that is so empathetic early on. It's such a blessed quality. I love these moments too, so sweet. Take great care,

I don't remember having that 'he's read to read' moment for us - it just happened gradually. Such a fun age!

Nothing like a great coach! No matter what :) Same with great teachers

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