The Safari Park

On Wednesday, we were still waiting for our consulate appointment.  You can't leave China without a Visa.  Avery will be traveling home on a Chinese passport, but the minute she touches down on American soil she will be an American citizen.  Our appointment wasn't until Thursday morning.  So off we went to the Safari Park.  The park is amazing.  Shortly after entering the gates, you board a little motorized train that takes you through about half the park.  Their you can see animals wondering free as if they were in the wild.  Tigers white and orange, lions, camels, elephants, zebras, giraffes, and so on!  They have a really great collection of animals.  Then you depart the train and head over to the white tiger display where they have about 5 white tigers on display.  I could not resist the opportunity to pet a koala.  Then off to the pandas.  What would be a trip to China without seeing the panda bears.  The elephant show was fantastic!  It was worth the money of 250 Yuan which is about $45 dollars U.S.  plus we shared our van with our group so we divided up the cost of getting out their.  I believe you can take the subway there, so that would probably be much cheaper than a taxi or hiring a driver.  Really this park was amazing!


Shauna said…
It's so wonderful to see you with your daughter. I love it. I have enjoyed all of the posts. I am so happy for you!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear more and good luck with the meetings. take care,

Shauna xxoxo
Been to China 4 times and never made it to safari park. EK and sj would LOVE it!!! Sweet Avery seems
To be doing well. Yay! You're almost home!!!!!
We never made it to the safari park. So thank you for sharing the pics! LUV the pic of her in the stroller looking up at the character! Not sure if that's excitement or fear. Enjoy the last day, and safe FAST travels home!
Unknown said…
Your trip seems so exciting! Blessing for a safe, and easy trip home! We cannot wait to hear more about Avery and how she (& family) is doing!

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