The Story of Two Pearls

Tuesday morning was a free morning for our group as we had completed our medical exams on Monday and we were just waiting for the results of the TB test required for all children over two years of age.  Many families like to by pearl necklaces for their children while here in China as you can by them wholesale.  I bought each of my girls a strand for their wedding day and a bracelet for myself.  Hopefully, I will be able to come back again someday and buy each of my sons a strand of pearls for their brides.  The market is fascinating.  The have many strands ready to go and after you pick your strand they then proceed to tie each pearl individually on the strand.  Later that evening with our Papa John's in hand we boarded the Pearl River Cruise to enjoy the city lights from the river.  Along the route of the cruise you pass under 9 bridges decorated with beautiful lights and you are also able to see the Canton Tower which is the 3rd largest free standing building in the world and the tallest building in China. On the way home their is a really fun clown show.  The ride cost $175 yuan which is a little less than $30 U.S. dollars.  I thought it was totally worth the money.  Thankful though we didn't choose the buffet.   


tinajo said…
Such cool images! :-)
Francesca said…
pearl shopping is my kind of shopping! :)
i understand you fly home today, bon voyage!

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