Consulate Appointment

Today is the day!  Thursday morning we got up pretty early to be at the consulate at 8:30 a.m. in the morning.  The only have 2 appointments a day with a total of 24 appointments or at least for adoptions. There were hundreds in line I am assuming hoping to get an emigrant visa.  You can't take pictures inside, so we only brought my cell phone with me and afterwards our guide took a couple photos of us in front of the sign.  I will add those once I get home and can get them off my phone.  The appointment went pretty fast.  You get in and take a number.  They call you up and you turn in your papers.  They look them over really quick to make sure you have everything and then you swear that all information is correct.  Then you sit down for a few minutes and they call you back again and you do a finger print scan and are free to go.  The visa's are ready the next day to be picked up.   On Friday afternoon, our guide picked up the visa's and off we went to Hong Kong where we will leave Sunday morning to head home.  I can't believe the two weeks are over!  I am so excited to see my family.  At the same time, I am a little sad for Avery that she is leaving her birth country, but living in an orphanage is no place to live.  Every child needs a family.  The next post will be from the States.  I still have a few things to share about China as well!  See you soon or maybe after I get out of the jet lag coma.  


dawn said…
Safe and cheerful travels. Have loved seeing you with your newest family member. and now cannot wait to see you all together.
Thank you so much for blogging and sharing all of this with us, taking some of us back with you and letting us visit again. It has been wonderful

many hugs for that long flight home.
Love it!! I can understand your mixed feelings about leaving China. Hopefully someday you can return when she is older to show her more. Thank you for sharing your adventures in China - it was beautiful to read and watch!! Safe travels and I can't wait to read more about her adjustment to the US.
Safe travels! I'm so happy you are bringing your baby home!
The McIntires said…
She looks adorable for her big day! Love that dress!
Dana said…
I'll be thinking of you and little miss as you cross the ocean blue. Safe travels. I can only imagine how incredibly overwhelming this must all be to her...and you. You are all in my prayers.
tinajo said…
Safe travels - love her little face! :-)

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