Medical Appointment

You know it is time to go home when you realize that you have deleted all the photos from a group dinner that you had here with the most amazing adoptive moms from around the United States.  Ugh!  I am so sad!  I can't believe I did that, but hoping at least one of the moms has the photo on their camera's.  While I can't get back the photos I took of my family at least I hope I can recover the group photo.

After finishing our city tour we did a little shopping and came back to our hotel to do some paperwork for the consulate appointment on Thursday.   Then we went to Tekila's a Mexican restaurant here in Guangzhou.  I know what you are thinking-Mexican in Guangzhou!  Yes, they have a few varieties of international food here in Guangzhou and after eating lots of Chinese and noodles the first week of ones trip the change is warm welcomed.  Prior to leaving the states a group of us who had met on Facebook groups for adoptive parents who had submitted their paperwork to China had arranged to meet on Sunday night for dinner.  The dinner was so much fun.  The group included: Erin and Jeff and their daughter, Stephanie and her aunt and cousin and Stephanie's new daughter, Me, Avery, and my friend Lucy.  Stacy, her daughter, and her new addition. Then Amy and her husband along with their 4 children along with Caroline and her husband along with their new daughter and her parents.  Also there was Katy and her spouse along with their new daughter and one other family that is also here adopting.  I don't think the restaurant has ever served such a large group before.  It was so much fun attaching faces with names and meeting them in person along with celebrating something so exciting with each and everyone of them.  Only God could have orchestrated something so wonderful.  We have all been on a very long journey and it was so great to have each of these woman as a support along the journey.  I hope we will see each other again.

The next morning Avery had her medical appointment.  Every child has to have a medical check-up prior to their consulate appoint.  Basically, the appointment serves the purpose of making sure the child is fit to travel and that their isn't any surprises in the child's medical history that you may not be comfortable with; however, the exam is not very comprehensive.  First they check the child's height and weight, look in their ears, nose and mouth and then the doctor does a general exam on the child by listening to it's chess, looking over the child's medical report, and child's anatomy.  One mom discovered her child had tubes in her ears.  Then if your child is 2 or older they have to have a TB test.  They tell you the result the next day.  Avery's came back negative.  She is cleared to go home.  A couple more days here and we are on our way home.


I bet you're starting to get itchy to get home! Enjoy the last of the ride.
Hoots Momma said…
This pic brings back such memories. I can't wait to meet you and hear all about your travels!
Francesca said…
I'm sure you'll remember vividly this trip with or without photos (though photos are always nice!). Hope all the paperwork is done now!

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