Moving on to Guangzhou

Today we left Zhengzhou and flew to Guangzhou.
Avery did pretty well on the plane.
Guangzhou is the Southern Gate of China.
It is a paradise here!
I can't believe that we went from freezing cold to mid 60's, 
and as we arrived in the airport we began to pull off the layers.
Our guide picked us up at the airport and we checked into our hotel.
The China Hotel.
We are waiting for my friend Lucy to arrive to help us out on the second week.
I am so thankful for my travel group who helped me carry bags, push a stroller, 
and watch out for me as I have been alone since Thursday.  They rock!
After we checked in Avery and I ate dinner at McDonald's.
At first she kept handing back the food to me and then she went for it! 
 She loved the fries and the chicken nuggets.  
Then we got dessert at Starbucks and played at the playground here in the hotel.
She did not like the swing.
I have learned today this little girl needs her sleep or she is a mess.
Have I mentioned she is a Buddha!
She weighs a ton!
Can't tell from the photo!
I will keep her anyway.  
She loves music and is pretty good at charming anyone when she flashes her smile.
Well, we had an early day, so it is off to bed.
Thanks Stephanie Dailey for the adorable outfit!


3 Peanuts said…
Glad to see that big smile and it sound like things are going well. I hope your friend is there now to help as I imagine ti is very tough to be alone for a little while. My hubby had Will but he really wished he had another adult.

The McIntires said…
Enjoy paradise! It is quite a breath of fresh air after being in the province! Beautiful weather and sights!
Kristy said…
Congrats on your beautiful daughter! Enjoy. You are on the home stretch.
Francesca said…
so nice to see her smile so warmly!
dawn said…
Someone loves her Mama,

Enjoy Guangzhou, it's a fun fun place.

Goodness that smile is a wonderful sight! Can't help but smile back!
A cute little baby Buddha! And definitely a keeper!

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