Our final day here in Beijing

Today is our final day in Beijing,  we will eat breakfast, pack our bags, and do a walk about before heading to the airport to Zhengzhou.  I can't believe in a little more than 24 hours she will be in our arms.  My mother's heart goes out to her as I know her whole world while for the good is going to be turned upside down.  Everything she has known for the last two years will be no longer.  I wonder if they have told her she has a Mommy and a Papa.  I hope someone has been telling her for months now since we have seen her face for the first time and said,"Yes" that she is loved and wanted.  Yesterday, after leaving the Great Wall we headed to the Olympic sights which are pretty impressive.  The idea of being in the place where Michael Phelps won his gold medals and so many other dreams come true is just amazing.  Then it was on to the mall to get dinner -McDonald's. The kid won!  It is pretty much like the states except instead of offering apple pies they have red bean pies on the menu's.  We finished off our meal by buying a chocolate cheese cake from Mia Mum's Cheese Cakes.  The cake was delicious!  Then we came back tot he hotel where Winston watch a movie on Netflix, papa went to the sauna, and I talked with some of the other moms in our travel group.


Eva said…
I can't wait to see your next post! Happy Gotcha Day!
3 Peanuts said…
Looks like you had a fun day in Beijing. Can't wait for the main attraction...Miss Avery!
We never made it to the Olympic sites. It's neat to see them here! I cannot believe you are almost there. Less than 24 hours away. Praying for a smooth transition for you and that you have all you need as it goes down.
Thanks for sharing your adoption adventure! Praying and thinking of you all. Can't wait to hear you have Avery in your arms
Blessed travels
dawn said…
Ha ha that little Minion made me smile, it was unexpected. You get you little minion so soon now. Your heart must be ready to burst.

Cannot wait to see you all together.
Shauna said…
It's been so fun to keep up. I am beyond excited for you a lot of people have been praying for this moment along with you. We are all so happy for you and your family and for Avery to join a blessed home. You're all great humans for this step you are taking. Adoption is such a wonderful thing. Take great care,

Shauna xo
Francesca said…
your photos of the trip, and of the great wall are fantastic (gorgeous new banner!).
I expect there will be a transitioning time for Avery (and for your family) whether she's been told about the coming changes in her life or not, and I hope the international agency and the group of parents with whom you are will provide and be of support during it.
Love your photos today. Pretty amazing for sure. I am thinking and praying for your baby today. Her last night to sleep in an orphanage away from her forever. Now THAT is an amazing thought. It won't be long and life is forever changed for all. God bless you all!!!! Xoxo
tinajo said…
I´m sure the transition for her could be difficult at first, but with love and patience she´ll feel just at home after a while. :-)

Tera said…
Loving your posts!! I'm hoping you have Avery now!! Can't wait to see her in your arms!
emi said…
awesome! we were just in beijing this summer and loved it. great blog! XO

the well-traveled wife ♥
Unknown said…
The post is very beautiful. The photos can drag the attention of visitors very quick the places are so attractive and admiring that everyone will want to visit the site after viewing this post. Climate is so cool and greenery.
So excited to follow your story in China. McDonalds saves go day!

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