Postcards from Beijing

It was a good day in Beijing.  We were blessed with relatively warm  though in the shade and when the wind whipped our cheeks were red from the cold.  We hired a private Guide to take us around the city.  Summer was awesome.  He whipped us through many of the tourist attractions.  We started off at Congress Hall where 8,000 of China's government officials meet.  Then it was on to Tianamen Square pronounced T-A-Men.  The largest public square in the world.  Then into the Forbidden City.  So beautiful!  Afterwards we headed to the Silk Factory.  Now that was cool!  So amazing to see how they are able to pull the silk threads from the cocoons.  So strong too!  Lunch was in order next a little beef stir fry and so steamed rice. Food here is pretty dirt cheap.  Last night my giant bowl of noodles was only $3 though nothing like Ramen noodles.  Better!  The Temple of Heaven was next.  The complex consist of two temples of which one is large and the other is small and the final stop is an alter to heaven.  Our last stop of the day was the Chinese Acrobat Show.  I think Frank just about had a heart attack when 8 motorcycles entered the globe cage.  The 12 girls on one bicycle was pretty amazing too!  Despite the air quality being pretty bad and the traffic is pretty crazy, my general impression of Beijing is that it is a very clean city and the people are pretty friendly. Even the famous squatty toilets are not so bad, but one tip you need to know before you go into a stall is that the roll of toilet paper is on the wall as you enter the bathroom, so you better grab your toilet paper first. We are exhausted!  It is time for bed.  Tomorrow it is on to the Great Wall of China!  


dawn said…
thanks for the memories and of course thanks for sharing. have a lovely time.
LOVE every photo and every word. Gorgeous there. Only in winter do you see that blue sky. Loved all those places too. Blessings to you as you sleep!!!!!
Thanks for the photos!! Beautiful!! Love seeing all the great places there.
Unknown said…
Love the pics and following along! :)
Gail said…
Love every single one of your pics...yes, even the squatty potty one! Makes me feel like I'm right there beside you. Enjoy this time.
Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your time there! Awesome pictures!
Just catching up with your blog and all the excitement of January for you. Beijing was one of the coldest places I've ever been to! But so many beautiful sights and experiences.

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