The Pink Pig

Yesterday, I took the boys to a party at Lenox Mall put on by Macy's and a list of contributors in support of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Patients and those who volunteer were invited. We had never ridden The Pink Pig which is a long time Atlanta holiday tradition  The older boys were not so impressed, but Roman loved it.


Nihal said…
Like Roman, I loved, loved, loved the Pink Big. A big hug to Roman:)

My best wishes for hopeful Friday.
One year they changed the Heber Creeper, (a train that goes up Provo Canyon to Heber and back) into Thomas the Tank Engine; C LOVED it when he was little!
Elizabeth said…
I don't know if I ever told you, but I grew up in Atlanta and graduated from high school. I can't believe the Pink Pig is still around --
Em said…
I don't exactly know what the pink pig is, but if we ever visit Atlanta I will put it on my "TO DO" list.

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