Be Grateful!

I could be upset that I washed my cell phone and the new one isn't as easy to use as my old one along with that I lost all my phone numbers. I could be upset that I got a ticket for a law that I didn't even know existed. I could be upset that when I took my son to get a haircut the lady didn't understand and cut it too short, and now it is sticking up in every direction. However, I think I will just be grateful. Grateful that I have a cell phone. Grateful that the ticket wasn't because I injured someone. Grateful that hair grows. I am also Grateful that my children will be able to participate in the Can A Thon that provides food to the food bank, and grateful for the teaching moment that will be given to my children to share with those who are less fortunate. What are you grateful for?


anna said…
At the moment I am the most grateful for my (rental) appartement, it was really hard to find one this area, the location and the house itself are perfect. Of course there are a thousand other things I am grateful for..and I try to remind myself of that cause it makes you so much more positive!!
Emily said…
I love your outlook!

Right now, I'm grateful that today's weather was good and that the space shuttle launch was on time. (Selfishly though, because now my husband can come home!)

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