Blind Side Movie Review

Blindside is a perfect way to begin the holiday season. It is more than a football movie, but it is a movie that will warm your heart and leaving you wondering if you are doing everything you can to leave this world a better place. This is a true story about Michael Ohr a 2009 draft pick for the NFL. A boy who was left to defend himself in the world and passed by in the system, but it nurtured and taken care of by Leanne Toohey and her family as they decide that they can't pass him by. This was a perfect role for Sandra Bullock and the little boy in the film is a totally crack up. I would not wait to see this movie I would run to your nearest movie theater. It was well worth the admission price.


Francesca said…
I haven't been to the movies in years. Last time I went, I took my boys to see Nemo.
PS I finally bought the little pulse oximeter for my daughter, and it changed my life. How's your boy doing?
Jenna said…
I can not wait to see it! I saw the trailer online and loved it! I am glad you gave it a good review!
I can't wait to go see it; sounds like a good one!
whitneyingram said…
This is on my "go see" list. I know I will cry through it though. I hate that I do that. I can't just watch movie, I have to cry. Grrr.

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