Lake Lanier Magical Night of Lights

The other night I drove up to Lake Lanier with the boys and my mom to see the Magical Night of Lights. It was the first time that we had gone in the 6 1/2 years of living here. The boys loved it! I was surprised that Roman went on Santa's lap. At first he was not so sure about the whole thing. The boys had fun roasting marshmellows over the open fire pit and before we left they went on two carnival rides. I am so glad that I can turn on the holiday music and bring out my decorations today.


Looks like you had a GREAT time! Hope you had a wonderful holiday with the family. A
Erin said…
So festive! Thank you for your hopeful and encouraging words. :)
Company EIGHT said…
how fun!! I love Christmas!
Melly Mel said…
those lights are incredible! I love them!

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