I Love Atlanta!

My dear friend Jennifer came to visit this week from Alaska. We showed her what our city has to offer. We are the home to the worlds largest aquarium, Martin Luther King Jr., Coke, CNN, and the 1996 Olympics. She was only here for two days, so we just picked a few things to see such as the the Leonardo Di Vinci collection at the Art Museum. While there we practically rubbed shoulders with Ted Turner he was looking at the same piece of art work that I was looking at. I didn't say anything to him though. Afterwards, we stopped for lunch at the Varsity where I ate a Chili dog and Jen tried a Slaw Dog. A visit to the Varsity would not be complete without onion rings. "No wonder I can't lose any weight?" Go figure. The are the best! Then we headed over to the Martin Luther King exhibit. One can not be in awe of this man's courage to stand up for equality for all men. The next day we visited the Oakland Cemetery. Seems a little strange to go visit a cemetery if you don't have relatives buried there, but Oakland Cemetery is rich in history as well as one of the largest green spaces within Atlanta. The views of the city are beautiful. Historical greats such as Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Jones, and over 6,000 confederate soldiers. We wanted to visit the Cyclorama which is one of the largest painting depicting the civil war; unfortunately, they were closed due to technical difficulties, so we headed to lunch at Chicken and Waffles a restaurant owned by Gladys Knight. The food was fantastic! My friend said the chicken was the best she ever had. The grits were anything but bland and were very creamy. My Mac&Cheese was phenomenal. So cheesy! The salmon was sweet and cooked to perfection, but the best thing of all were the corn muffins. They were sweet and tender and didn't crumble into a zillion pieces upon taking a bite. What was even more surprising was the prices; especially, with the restaurant being a downtown restaurant. The average plate ran around $12. I will be going back for sure.
Chicken and Waffles
529 Peachtree Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: 404-874-9393 Fax: 404-874-07


Anonymous said…
So many things to see (and taste!) in Atlanta, even an Leonardo da Vinci (permanent?) collection!!!
Sounds like such a wonderful visit with a wonderful friend!!
anna said…
My sister was in Atlanta last year, i recognize a lot of what you tell from her stories, she liked it a lot!
Kaylovesvintage said…
sounds like a good time to me
Cate said…
yum! we're going to be in the ATL in a couple of weeks, and i cannot WAIT to have some chicken n waffles, among other things. looks like a great visit.

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