Yesterday, My husband colleague's and old time friends came to visit us from Germany. It was so much fun catching up on their lives. The hard part about living on the other side of the Atlantic is that my husband only gets to see his friends every couple of years. We took them to a local BBQ restaurant called One Star Ranch. It is the best BBQ here in Atlanta! The meat is slow smoked leaving the meat tender and not fatty. The side dishes are fantastic too! We ended the night with Peach Cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. BTW, it is 78 degree here in Atlanta. This is why I love Atlanta.

One Star Ranch
25 Irby Ave. NW
Atlanta, GA. 30305

Also located in Alpharetta, GA. 732 North Main Street. 770-475-6695

Herr Cassel
Frau Michalski
Baby back ribs


Emily said…
Looks tempting, but why is there so much money hanging on the wall?
Dana said…
any joint with money on the walls usually turns out to be good. My favorite dive in baton rouge does this as well.
jane said…
now i think i love atlanta too :) happy week!
victoria said…
Oh that food looks just delicious!! My pregnant body is totally craving meat these days and those dishes look like exactly what I would like to eat :)
Cherry B said…
How wonderful that they traveled so far to see you! And the food looked delicious. Enjoy those savory times with the people who mean the most :)

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