Fritti and Baraonda

wWe don't go out to eat much, but with my friend in town last week I took the opportunity to splurge a little. Fritti is a fantastic Italian restaurant located in Ulman Park. The pizza I would have to argue rivals any New York Pizza or even Italy. The crust is thin and crunchy. The sauce is light in that it is not seasoned with a ton of oregano. However, that night I choose Pizza Bianco. The Vegetarian is fantastic too! Ever had an Arancini? These little risotto stuffed with sausage balls are ever so yummy. We also went to Baronda the last night she was here. I have wanted to try this restaurant for years based on a recommendation from some friends of mine who are from Italy. While we shared a Caprese Salad, I had the Penne Salciccia (sweet and hot sausage with mushrooms and a touch of cream), and Jennifer had the Pollo Damicuta which is a lightly eggs washed chicken breast dipped in Parmigano served with mixed vegetables and a light lemon caper sauce. The food was heaven! It made me feel like I had taken a trip to Italy. The decor in both restaurants is warm and modern. Looking for some place new to try then try these restaurants because you will not be disappointed.

309 Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA. 30307
404 880-9559
Baraonda Cafe Italiano
710 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA. 30308

Winston loved the Pizza
Pizza Bianco with Spinach and Arancini


Elizabeth said…
My parents, who live in Atlanta, love both those places! Yum...
Cate said…
so great! and, guess what? my dad was born in atlanta. i grew up in augusta... did you already know that?

love reading about your adventures there. anything that you loved doing with the kids there that i should check out? we went to the (awesome) aquarium last year, but anything else that we cannot visit and NOT do?
malo said…
Winston made me smile :-) Pure happiness. It looks yummy deluxe.
Sara said…
uuum that looks SOOO GOOD!!!!
Anonymous said…
ok, i'm headed to atlanta - that pizza looks amazing!!! happy weekend!
natsumi said…
woow, looks so delicious! I am getting hungry again though I have already had a dinner...

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