Pilgrims Hats

Thanksgiving is only 2 days away and what a fun way to prepare for Thanksgiving than to make these pilgrim hats. Great for all those children who do not like pie and easy to assemble. It is OK if they are a little imperfect looking because the fun is in making them. For this project you will need either sugar cookie dough or you can use ginger snaps, Reese's peanut buttercups, white frosting, and yellow frosting. The trickto making these look more authentic looking "which mine do not" is to make sure you use a smaller size ball of dough. Instead of using a tablespoon make sure you use a teaspoon that way the peanut buttercup is more proportionate to the cookie, but you will not have this problem if you choose to use Gingersnaps because they are allready the right size.


Anonymous said…
It's funny those pilgrim hats !!! Have a great Thanksgiving !
sunnymama said…
How cute! They look yummy too. :)

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