Three means you are no longer an toddler, but a big girl and that is what Addy is becoming.  She is on the verge leaving all things baby behind.  She is almost completely potty trained , but needs to make the leap of staying dry through the night.  Bottles are another big hurtle as she is super attached to them.  I have tried just about every sippy cup on the planet and she is not buying them.  She is kind of a terrorist when it comes to what she wants.  She is so stronged will!  I probably need to hire a therapist or something in learning how to deal with her because if I don't we are in big trouble down the road.  I did stand my ground with her today and after 10 minutes of repeating myself she finally did what I asked her to do.  Anyway, I am digressing as this was post was meant to celebrate her birthday.  Addy turned three last week, but because of Avery's surgery we had to postpone her party until this week when Avery could get back in the pool again.  The kids had so much fun swimming.  It was a perfect party!  Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Papa and Mommy love you so much!  Your on your way to becoming a big girl!  Love you!  


Francesca said…
happy birthday to Addy, i love her photo with a bluish mouth from eating her cake!
Leggio said…
Happy Birthday to Addy!!!!
dawn said…
Happy birthday strong willed girl. It will serve her well in her might go nuts though. LOL
Happy Birthday Addy! She is growing up fast!
Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!!! LOVE every single photo!!!!! XO
Annie said…
Happy Birthday to your big girl, Addy!!!
nadine paduart said…
such lovely children's photos! happy, happy!!! but aw, that blue on that cake!!!!

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