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If you know me, you would no I am not much of a collector.  I just don't like dusting and to be honest I find stuff begins to own you not the other way around; however, if one were to look at it from another perspective maybe I am a memory collector.  I have albums and albums of photos, scrapbook, and blog books.  I have kept some form of journal since I was about 12 years old.  Thursday is the beginning of the World Cup Soccer Championship.  Winston has begun his collection of soccer stickers.  He purchased his album yesterday and a giant pack of stickers.  This tradition began 6 years ago when we lived in Switzerland. The boys have about 3 albums now.  So here I am collecting sweet memories of what my boys love collecting.  I know this is last weeks topic, but we were in the hospital and I guess is better late than never right.

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karyn said…
I remember collecting cards a little like that when I was younger - and swapping them with my friends. Lovely memories. A great picture too - your boy looks very proud of his collection :-)
Francesca said…
collecting "figurine" is a big thing here (and business!) - they churn out all sorts of stickers for kids!
:) said…
Your collection of albums must be wonderful... I hope that your sun will collect all the cards of the Championship ;)
Danelle M said…
Cute photo! My boys are super excited about the World Cup too!
i'm sure you're keeping recipes in there somewhere, in your collections. bona appétit, kelleyn&co! n♥

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