Sea Base

Frank and Harris returned home last night just in time for Avery's eye surgery this morning (more on that later) from Sea Base. What is Sea Base?  A camp run by the Boy Scouts for Varsity Scouts that provides a week long scuba diving adventure in the Florida Keys.  Scouts from all over the United States attend the camp along with their leaders and dads.  The camp is home to about 500 individuals at any given time. The boys had a blast. I tried to get Frank to write this post because some of the stories he tells about the week are pretty funny like how one day they got kind of lost. I guess the compass didn't work and they got separated from the group.  They ended up being a mile away from their boat.  Thankfully, no one was hurt and the boat found them.  I am so proud of Frank for going with Harris because Frank hates camping.  He always says to me, "There is a reason why men built homes, and it was to get away from the elements.  Why do I need to go back."  It was hot, sticky, the food was not so great, I don't think anyone got any sleep all week long, but he did it and for that I am proud.  Did you ever go to camp as a kid?  I did ! 


I went to Girl Scout camp and hated it. I wholeheartedly agree with your husband. And following a hurricane that left us with no power for days I swore to never camp again now if the power goes out the generator leaps into action.
We used to sleep in our garden in a tent all the time, with friends but all the comforts of home were right there.
Francesca said…
i did a lot of rough style camping as a kid, and i agree with Frank.
Both of our boys got scuba certified when they were younger; 10 and 12. We LOVE having scuba adventures together!!! So glad their "lost adventure" wasn't more!!

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