Located just a 30 minute ride by train to the east of Lusanne in the city of Montreux is a really cool castle called Chillon.   While there are not a ton of furnishings, the structure in itself is lovely.  This castle was  different than many of the German castles I have been seen.  I love the courtyard, and had I lived during this time I think I would have spent much of my time there given the weather was nice.  I can imagine though it was probably filled with chickens, pig,  and other livestock.  In the surrounding hills are vineyards which is such a lovely sight to see.  Roman was still not 100% , but well enough to spend a half day out and about.  I actually liked Montreux better than Lusanne.  There are more shops along the waterfront promenade, more restaurants, and just overall charm.  We are now in Zurich!  


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