Chocolate, Lauderee, and Zurich

We have been in Zurich the last two days, and now we are on our way to Zermatt where the Matterhorn is located.  Since the hotels are cheaper in Italy we will cross over the Alps and spend the night there before catching the train to the viewing spot for the Matterhorn. 

*Zurich we walked along the lake.  It is the highlight of the city.
*The boys after visiting the University of Zurich joked that Albert Einsteins name was really Alberto UnoRocko  ???  They thought it was pretty funny.
*Sadly, the website for Lindt is wrong and the museum no longer exist; however the air smells like chocolate when you get off the bus, and the boys loved picking out a bar of chocolate at the shop.
*I had to make a visit to Lauderee after learning they had a shop here in Zurich.  Surprisingly my favorite was the casis with blackberry filling.  They are all gone now! 
*found a really cool tree covered with knitting.
*Spent the remaining time at the zoo.  They have made some really cool renovations since the last time we were here.
*My favorite little place to eat was a place called Pic Nic located across from Lauderee.
*We stayed in Hotel Josef.  The breakfast was amazing, our room was large, and best of all the had washer machines.


Such an awesome experience!
Dana said…
Sorry to hear of the shoddy accommodations. Verona was FULL of a level I hadn't imagined possible. How long are you there? We are currently at the seaside with friends in a town called Caorle. I'll be back Sunday...let me know if I can help you in the interim.
Hotel Caorle said…
Macarons sono tra il mio dolce preferito pure.

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