On Thursday, we followed the coast northward to the city of Acitrezza.  There you will find the most charming coastal town filled with fishing boats, sunbathers, and these rock formations known as The Cyclops. In Homer's book the Odyssey it tells how Ulysses lands on the island of Sicily and is greeted by giants.  He and his men are captured; however, as Ulysses men escape the giants throw stones at them, but are not sucessful in recapturing them.  These are the stones that they threw.  Another legend has it that there was a shepard (Aci) who was in love with a beautiful girl the daughter of Neuro named Galatea.  These two were madly in love; however, Polifemo (a cyclops) was very jealous.  He crushes Aci with a giant boulder.  Jupiter has pity on the two and turns Aci's blood into a river and the girl into sea foam.  These boulders symbolize their eternal love.  Which story do you like best?   Afterwards we headed up the coast to our favorite beach spot in Taorima.  We enjoyed a delicious meal of proscuitto and melon followed by pizza, and of course you have to have gelato while in Italy.  It would be a sin not to have some.  Wink!  Well, our trip in Sicily has ended.  We are on our way home. We will stop by the Turkish Steps and the Valley of Temples before catching the ferry back to Naples.  Sicily is such a beautiful island with so many interesting things to see.  I am so glad we have come here even with all the hair raising driving moments.

 The Cyclops
 Eternal Love "Amore"

 Champion Pizza Eaters!

Endless Gelato


tinajo said…
Oh, I love both stories! Looks super great and you all look so happy! :-)
Great shots! Safe travels!

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