A week ago

It was a week ago that we packed our bags and made our way back to Germany where we would then catch a plane to come back to the states; however, before we left Sicily we headed to the Turkish Steps located near Agrigento.  The trip to the Turkish Steps was well worth the hours spent in the car getting there.  They are simple stunning.  On our way there from Catania we drove past the Valley of Temples.  I would have loved to stop and get out and explore, but we wanted to spend the few hours we had exploring the beach. The water was so blue.  We ate at a restaurant located beachside.  I had spagetti and clams and the boys enjoyed a plate of spaghetti bolognase.   Yummy!  When we got on the ferry my husband sighed a huge breath of relief and was completely amazed he didn't get into any accidents.  When we arrived in Milan he commented on how civilized it seemed in comparision to Sicily. Now home since Wenesday: I have been busy putting away clothes, restocking the pantry, took Addy for her one year old check-up, spent time trying to reclaim the money from a second plane ticket I had to purchase for Addy.  I am not sure why, but her reservation was not showing and they told me I would have to purchase a second ticket if I wanted to go home.  I tried to explain to the agent it was impossible for us to have flown over without a ticket, and she agreed but said without it showing in the computer there wasn't anything she could do. Ugh!  So frustrating.  Well, I better go!  I keep nodding off!  Do you plan to watch the Olympics this weekend?   I love watching the gymnastic events and the swimming.  Tomorrow, I am off to get my hair done.   Harris is going to help his friend work on his Eagle Scout project.  They are doing sevice out at a horse ranch.  The littles are going swimming. Hope you have a great weekend!   


Welcome home.....have a wonderful weekend!
Ayak said…
You probably also need a rest to recover fom this trip. Enjoy having your hair done..always makes one feel good.

Loved the Olympic opening ceremony but won't be watching any of the events.
Di said…
That beach looks amazing and the spaghetti alla vongole looks amazing! I'm glad you all made it home safely and thank you for sharing your summer with us! Made me feel a little like I had a summer!
Emily said…
Welcome home! I hope you get the ticket situation sorted out soon. What a headache!
Danelle said…
Wow! They are stunning! Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.
tinajo said…
That must have been so frustrating - and how weird! The pics are fantastic! :-)
Ola said…
so pretty there and I would love a plate of this spaghetti:)

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