Take me out to the Ball Game

Tonight we went to our very first baseball game. I have always wanted to take the boys; however, I wanted to wait until the age where they would actually sit through a game, and not run around. They had a blast! The Braves played against the Mets and won 4-1. Yeah! We even had hot dogs and Cracker Jacks. I have found a new boy friend Tim Hudson. Isn't he cute! Honey, I still love you too. Harris brought his mitt in hopes that he might catch a ball. Winston was just happy enough to do the wave, make hammer motions with his arm, and sing take me out to the ball game. Roman stayed home with his papa. Another summer bucket item checked off.
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That looks like a super fun night : ) I love your collage. I have no idea how to do those : (
I am glad you had fun with the boys at the game!
Tezzie said…
Great collage!! Looks like you all had a lot of fun...although, personally, I've never been one for organized sport...perhaps that'll change as soon as I'm forced to go to my own kids' games! ;D
Buckeroomama said…
Baseball is one sport that I need to learn more about. I know zip about it.

My husband and I plan to take the kids to watch an ice hockey game live when they're old enough... my MIL loves it, too and it's kinda grown on me. :)
Anita Johnson said…
I don't know where to start...but thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Your photos are beautiful and your recipes look wonderful. We have an Oma in our family too. :-) Tonight I plan on reading your interview. I'm so thankful your son is doing so well! God bless! Anita
Oh Boy!! Now how fun was that! I have never been to a ball game! Next time I visit NYC I want to go to one!
Have a Lovely Day!
Cate said…
that looks like so much fun. well, i am a yankee fan first, a braves fan second, and a mets fan third. so go, braves! i'm feeling the tomahawk days of my childhood. they are so cute, so utterly boys. great post!
Serline said…
Going to a baseball game is definitely one of those things I hope to do in my life... years ago, when my hubby took my eldest and me to Boston in the fall, we should have gone but there were so many other wonderful things to do in New England over Labor Day weekend.
A great moment !! And a kind of discovery for me !!!

Have a nice day :)
Jen said…
Terrific Collage :) . Thankyou for your comment. I have just scrolled through your blog and am loving it :) will be following you now for sure. Your boys are adorable..I especially love the scooter collage below..so cute :)
MODsquad said…
We just went to the Rockies the other night... LOVE baseball!!
Laura said…
Nice! I took my german hubby to a detriot tigers game (pre-kids) and the poor guy was bored to death. :-(
Awesome that your boys had fun! :-)

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