Hilton Head

If you live hear in the south, you make the trip to Hilton Head at least one time in your live. The atmosphere is fantastic in Hilton Head with families riding their bikes along the tree lined oak and pine tree streets, fantastic restaurants, and cute boutique. It is the Hawaii of the south. However, I would still choose to go to Orange Beach, Alabama because of the white powder sand beaches. It just wasn't possible this year due to the oil spill. We had lunch at Salty Dog. The food was fantastic! Harris had he fish nuggets, Winston enjoyed the shrimp basket, and Roman enjoyed a hamburger. I ate out of their baskets because I know they never finish their food. Afterwards, we got an ice creams. Roman got Superman which turned him and everything within his reach blue. This time I was hoping to find a public beach, but without the crowds, and I was able to do that over off the fish haul road near the airport. It was perfect. I didn't even have to pay for parking. The water was almost too hot. , but the boys had fun playing in the sand dunes, collecting shells, and chasing crabs along the shore.


Cate said…
So many memories from childhood beach weekends in HH! Your boys are so cute! Happy weekend to you and your family.
Expat Traveler said…
Now that sounds like great fun! Love the pic.
Ayak said…
Hi. Was happy to see you on my blog so thought I would pop over to take a look at yours. I'm going to add myself to your followers, and also on your other blog Roman's Big Heart, which I've just glimpsed at. Then I will be back later for what I can see will be an interesting and enjoyable read.
There are so many places I wanted to go during our ten month stay in the south (aka Kentucky). I have to say, I only made it to Tennessee and around my own general area. I've been to the Carolina's in years past and they are beautiful. The one place I'd still love to get to is Georgia. For some reason Atlanta and Savannah are just calling my name! Maybe someday!

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