A Day at the Lake

Today we spent the day up at the Lake. I don't know why it has taken us 7 years to discover the Lake. It is a fantastic place to take the children. They spent the day with their friends playing games, snorkeling, looking at fish and chasing crabs. No one cried. No one said they were bored. Topped off with grilled hot dogs the day couldn't have been any better.


Gina Johnson said…
Oh I love the last picture of you. You look so happy and pretty.
Iman said…
Sounds like you a great time.
Dana said…
What lake is it? I love all the summertime group shots. I love that everyone looks a bit worn out but a lot happy. It's one of my fav genres / subjects for photography. Geek, I know.

Enjoy the warm days remaining.
Ida Nielsen said…
Aah, summer at the lake! Looks and sounds so relaxing and fun!
Melly Mel said…
oh man, you have everyone wanting to go to the lake. so beautiful
those pictures are so pretty with the lighting.
so were these like big red crabs?

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