Fort Pulaski

Located on the coast between Savannah and Tybee Island, Fort Pulaski is a great place for adults and children to learn and explore Civil War history. Built in the years between 1820-1848 when Savannah was a bustling port city the fort was built to be used as a line of defense against foreign invasions. However, when the civil war broke out it was first used as a military hold for the Confederates until their capture by Union troops in 1862 and was later used as part of the Underground Railroad for runaway slaves and as a prison for captured Confederates. At scheduled times throughout the day, you can hear the cannon fired and learn about muscat guns. The boys had fun watching the demonstrations. The Fort now apart of the national parks system participates in the Junior Rangers program which is a fun way to teach children about the location and is even a host to a resident alligator who likes to hang out in the moat that surrounds the fort walls.


Di said…
Oh - it looks like so much fun - and such a beautiful day. I visited Savannah once with a friend who was living in Atlanta at the time - a beautiful city - but we didn't have time to get to Tybee which I was sorry about.

I love your photo of Venice in the header - that's my next destination - in late September (as long as all the staff at British airports don't go on strike that week - they are threatening!)
Melly Mel said…
this is amazing!!!! I totally want to go.

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