May Movie Review!

I think May has been the best movie line up in a long time. While my father was here we hit the movies just about every other day. Crazy, I know, but he loves movies and if it means that I get to sit next too him then who am I to complain. Actually, I love to go to movies too, so it is not such a bad deal. The first movie we saw was Date Night. I was prepared for this one to be kind of stupid because usually I love movies with a little more depth, but it was the perfect medicine to ease the stress of all that has been going on. I laughed so hard I almost -well you know peed my pants. I can't wait for this one to come on DVD, so that I can watch it with my husband.

Then we went to see Robin Hood. Well, if you go for Russel Crow then you will not be disappointed. I think they were using this movie to set up for a sequel because this movie explained more about how Robin Hood became who he was. This movie is made for men. Not to deep and tons of battle scenes. Sorry Men not offense!

The third one, while not an academy award winner is Letters to Juliet. Fantastic landscapes of Italy and for this alone is worth the admission price. It is like going on a mini vacation. Amanda Siegfried is becoming my new favorite actress. I think she is fast becoming the next Julia Roberts. While the movie is predictable and sappy. It worked for me. Your classic chick flick! Everyone needs a little romance in their lives right even it only for 90 minutes on the screen.


Anonymous said…
That's it! I'm off to see Letter to Juliet! I did see Date Night, and I'm still laughing. I was laughing so hard, I could not breathe!! I could see it ten more times!
Anonymous said…
oops Letters!
Wow, it really was "movie week" for you! They all sound wonderful, maybe I can sucker M in with Robin Hood, to then see the others. ;)
I love your movie reviews!

We just saw Robin Hood, and loved it. I have been wanting to see Letters--I need a classic chick flick about now!
Erin said…
We were contemplating seeing Robin maybe we might!!
I have been itching to get to the movies...thanks for the reviews. We tend to get movies a few weeks later here, but they only cost $3 on base so it's worth a little wait :) We have seen more movies in the past year than than we have in seven years (since becoming parents). All three movies sound good to me. It's nice that you and your dad do movies together.
Melly Mel said…
oh boy, i love your movie reviews!
Tally said…
Thanks for these movie tipps.
Letters to Juliet doesn't seem to be out here yet, but I collect your tipps for getting the DVD later from the library.
Ian said…
It's OK. Men don't like the new version of Robin Hood either.
Anonymous said…
I will have to check these out. Everyone who has seen "Date Night" say it is hilarious!!!! Also, Letters to Juliet sounds good. I bet the scenery is beautiful. Thanks for these reviews, I really like them. Books too.

Happy Summer girl. Kids don't get out of school here until the end of June. xo,gina
Laura said…
How fun! I am jealous! I am so behind on my movie watching it is sad. Whenever my husband and I visit my parents in california, though we try to catch up. Here we have to drive 30+ minutes to find an english-language movie theater as I can't stand watching german dubbed movies. And that drive plus the movie gets expensive with a babysitter!
MODsquad said…
I love your movie reviews! Looking forward to seeing Date Night and Robin Hood!

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