A job well done!

My son Harris was honored this weekend along with other students from around Atlanta for passing his yearly German examinations. Last year he received an 85% and this year he achieved a 95%. We are so happy that our hard work is paying off. It is not easy to choose to teach your children a second language, but the awards are well worth it. We are so proud of him! Good job Harris!


Dana said…
OHMY! Great Job! Kuddos to Harris. And even bigger kuddos to you all for sticking to it.

Is her enrolled in a class or is it all happening at home?

Again, WOW.
Justin said…
Very impressive, good job Mom, Dad and Harris!!
Congrats, Harris! Way to go!
n a t s u m i said…
Great news! Congratulations!
Ma life à moi said…
Yes you can be very proud of him, Great job Harris!

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