Snow Falling of Atlanta and the Olympics

As the opening games of the Olympics began in Vancouver, Canada the snow fell gently and quietly laying a beautiful white blanket over the Georgia landscape. The children couldn't have been more thrilled. Visions of snowmen and snowballs danced in their heads; however, as it landed it was just to dry. It wasn't until the sun started to take away those visions that the perfect snowballs were formed, and in their eyes the most perfect snowman. Yeah for the sun! All week long I have wanted to write a post about Vancouver, Canada, but couldn't find any photos from any of our trips there. I know I took photos, but why they didn't make it into my scrap books who knows? My husband and I went there often when we lived in Seattle. It was less than a three hour drive. He even almost got detained at the border one time because the secretary didn't fill out his documents for his visa correctly. He hadn't obtained his green card at that point. Thankfully, the border patrol didn't see him as a threat and let us go. Anyway, here is my top picks of things to see and do while visiting Vancouver.
1) Stroll the charming city center. It has a totally Europe feel and quaint shops.
2) Take a shuttle to Stanley Park and go to the Aquarium
3) Vancouver is totally international try Tapas at
La Bodega Restaruante and Tapas Bar
4) Take a ferry to Victoria and have High Tea at the Fairmont Empress!
The Hotel is stunning!!!!!
5) Visit Butchart Gardens- one of the most stunning Gardens I have ever been to.
6) Whale Watching- you will not be disappointed!
7) The Royal BC Museum.


Great snow pics! And I loved your Vancouver list...makes me missing living in the Northwest. Such fond memories of snowy weekend at Whistler, summer picnic at Butchart Gardens, and the ferry boats. Would be fun to be there for the Olympics but actually we are happy to watch it from the warmth of our couch. Just so sad to hear about the luge accident.

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