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This week I had the opportunity to travel to Utah to visit some old friends and meet some new. I hooked up with my BFF's from high school Jen and Buffi as we attended a Women's Conference. We were spiritually uplifted and filled for two days as we listened to various speakers on a variety of topics. We attended a concert by some of the best entertainers in our church such as Hillary Weeks and Eclipse. We ate our fair share of delish food at the Indian Palace, Los Hermanas, and Costa Vida. We had the opportunity to see other friends from high school such as Paul and his wife Misty, Amy and her husband Emilio. We rejuvenated our bodies by going to the spa, and of course, we went shopping for a girls weekend would not be a girls weekend without shopping. I also had the opportunity to hook up with another two friends of mine from high school that were on the swim team with me. I hope to see her again. We ate a tasty lunch at Gloria's Little Italy. Then it was time to meet some new friends that I have gotten to know through the Internet, Dancing Queen and her little brother Heart Friend. Heart Friend has a heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. His family and the many other families of the Intermountain Region have been a great support to us as we have walked the journey of being a family with a child with congenital heart disease. It was so great to meet them finally in person as we enjoyed dinner at Cafe Rio. The Sweet Pork Salad was what everyone said it would- Fantastic! The time flew by quickly and before I knew it I was heading back on a plane to Georgia. It was a fantastic weekend. Thanks, everyone!


So glad you got home safely!! I was wondering how your visit went with your new "heart friends" but after reading your blog, it sounds like all went well!!
Heart Mommy said…
Yeah for Cafe' Rio's sweet pork salad "babies" in our tummies!!!! You know what I mean....Glad you made it home safe!
JP said…
That Cafe Rio is making my mouth water!

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