Being Two

A picture say a thousand words. Two year olds are so much fun at least most of the time until they learn to have a tantrum. Roman seems to also have a huge fascination with other peoples shoes. The photo above is of him walking in his grandpa Nerney's shoes. It was so funny to watch him walk in the shoes because they are bigger than the average persons shoes. My dad is 6 foot 6. Roman even wants to wear his crocs to bed. He is really starting to talk. New words are Come on, guy, cat, dog, owl, don't know, milk, bowl, bed, night night, go, toes, eye, and nose. Oh, did I tell you he wants to do everything for himself even though he can't do it all by himself. His favorited tv shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The movers, and Yabba Gabba or something like that.


Nadja said…
That's so funny! :)

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