Good Enough for the President

Roman and Grandpa Nerney
Naked Dogs, Chili Dogs, the works
The presidents have eaten here, actors have eaten here, musicians have eaten here, so it is good enough for me. The Varsity is an Atlanta institution. Once you have been you will go back because the onion rings are out of this planet. Lightly battered and not with that scratchy corn meal batter that alot of places use to coat their onion rings. The food might be a little too greasy, but definitely a crowd pleaser. The place is always packed. Grandpa is here visiting, so it was a must that he try the Varsity. When you order the cashier ask you What ya'll have? usually in a thick southern accent.


Andi said…
Looks like a "must visit"!

Your Women's Conference trip made me wish I had gone this year! I went last year for the very first time and enjoyed myself. The cupcakes...I'll take a double chocolate, with more chocolate, please! ;)
Kelly said…
Yeah...I love the Varsity. The hot dogs are great.
Tina said…
So fun! I had lived in Atlanta (well, suburbs) for 20 years and had never eaten at the Varsity. My husband finally took me to the Varsity in Kennesaw, which was probably not the same but I loved it!

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