God Answers Prayers

Heavenly Father answers prayers. I searched for over three hours for Addy's cross-country singlet. I had all the other parts she needed for her race in the morning, but could not find her singlet. I looked everywhere and I mean everywhere and then did it on repeat because clothes just don't disappear. Then finally I offered up a prayer as desperation set in because I knew I would have a hyperventilating daughter on my hands come morning. Literally, within minutes, a thought came to my mind to search the sheet tub. I chuck all my sheets in the laundry sink because this momma has no time to fold them. Anyway, sure enough, I pull out a fitted sheet and proceed to shake it out. Outfalls Addy's singlet. He hears my prayers even for something so simple as a cross-country singlet. He is aware of our needs. Just too bad I didn't think to pray sooner.


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