Dinner with Maureen


Hello!  I am writing from Florida.  Things are still pretty calm here in central Florida, but we are expecting the rain to hit sometime between tonight and tomorrow.  We shall see what Ian brings.  Hopefully, the area doesn't sustain too much damage.  Anyway, trying to finish up my post from my visit back east, but have been so busy that I just haven't found the time to post.  Continueing from where I left off last time, after leaving York Beach, Maine we drove back down to Portsmouth, New Hampshire were we were staying and I met up with my step-sister Maureen.  The picture isn't very flaturing, but I still want to post it because it will probably be the last picture of us together.  My step-sister just got news that the cancer has spread and she needs to start making preparations for the end of her life.  I think she is still in some denial that she is going to beat this, but with 30 plus tumors in her lungs and around her spine it doesn't look good.  She is starting to have some trouble breathing which is very similar to her father when he passed.  It breaks my heart!  She has a 20 year old daughter and a 15 year old daughter who still very much need her!  I am glad that I mad the effort to see her while I was there in New Hamsphire!  


Dearest Kelleyn,
Yes, that was a great effort for seeing your step–sister Maureen.
You no doubt will meet again but it might not be in person... Our souls don't die and that is our only solace.
May Maureen find the strength for living her final stage of her life.
Tough for leaving behind those daughters; may they too find support and strength by Faith.
Stay safe in Florida!

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