Additional Memories of Iceland

Hello, I hope you had a great weekend. We enjoyed a very cozy weekend. The girls had soccer practice on Friday evening and a game on Saturday morning despite the rain. Roman went to boxing on Saturday, but other than that we just enjoyed being at home. I found some lovely pumpkins at Lidl, so I decorated my front porch. I was looking through the posts for this year and realized I hadn't posted many photos from Iceland.  Not sure how that happened, but I have a dozen or more pictures from my trip that I want to make sure find a place on this blog and in our memory book. The first photo is from a bakery called Braud & Co. The pastries and bread were phenomenal! It really was hard to choose! The second image is from one of our excursions out to see the waterfalls and everywhere you look are these fields of Lupins.  They are so breathtaking. Just looking at the photo makes me so happy. The third image is of a fish skewer from a restaurant called Sea Barron. They only have a couple items on their menu, but this fish skewer was so tasty!  I have more pictures to share, but I need to run.  I need to go pack as I will be heading to Boston on Wednesday.  I am finally taking my dad's ashes up to his home state and will be spreading them this weekend at the beach. Today is actually his birthday, so happy birthday Dad!  I hope you are having a wonderful party surrounded by all your loved ones!


Dearest Kelleyn,
That will be an emotional trip to Boston tomorrow...
What lovely photos!
Yes, the pastries are so good in Europe and Iceland is no different.
The blue of those lupines against a blue sky is magical.
Veronica Lee said…
Beautiful photos, Kelleyn.

I especially love the lupines.


William Kendall said…
That baked dish looks good.

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