First Day of College


Well, we have successfully launched another child.  Winston left for BYU-Provo, Utah on the 21st of August and his classes started a week later. He now has two weeks of college under his belt and he loves it.  He was escorted off to college by his dad and big brother Harris.  As you saw in a previous post, they climbed Mt. Timpanogos.  Frank rented a Porche as a splurge from Toro which was really fun for them to drive around.  They enjoyed sushi night at an all-you-can-eat sushi place till they could eat no more and they went go-cart racing with some of Harris's college buddies.  Sadly, right before Frank came back home Harris was rear-ended (not the Porsche our Murano) which then ensued with a battle with the insurance company to get the car fix.  We lost!  It was either take the money and we are going to total out your car or you get nothing and you can fix your car on your own.  Since the car was still in pretty good shape and it would have cost more money to buy a used car we opted for walking away.  It stinks though that they can do that.  We had the car evaluated by a couple car shops and they thought the car was in really good shape except for the bumper damage.  The car should be fixed in a couple of weeks. Thankfully, Winston has a store close to his apartment.  The car will now go to him!  Well, I need to run.  We have soccer practice tonight.  Have a great weekend!


Dearest Kelleyn,
Winston sure went on a real roller–coaster this summer.
But it was a lot of excitement for replacing emotional sadness for leaving things behind and starting elsewhere; great transition with big brother and Dad.
Oh, those insurance companies are jerks when it comes to a time you need them.
We had that with our Toyota RAV4 to the point that they made my Pieter cry and I was SO WORRIED about his heart condition. The rudeness from their end was unbelievable and we ended up having the car totaled and receiving very little. Now we only have one car, our Infiniti QX50 and no more bike rack as we also have switched to electra bikes due to Pieter's heart he is not allowed to push for the hills.
Sorry that your guys had this incident with the insurance, killing an otherwise 'happy' time! But it is not worth lingering over it; life goes on and everyone is unhurt.
Big hugs,
William Kendall said…
Insurance agents all too often are horrible people.

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