Cross Country Season

Hello!  I hope you had a lovely weekend!  We did and I can't wait to post about that soon, but first I need to post pictures from Addy's first country race.  Addy decided to go back to running this year.  A few years ago before Covid, Addy had participated in a running program through the elementary school called Girls on the Run and loved it.  Anyway, she missed running, so she joined the cross-country running team and enjoyed her experience.  She loves her coach and her teammates and loves that her success is all up to her and how much she pushes herself.  In her first race, she did really well.  She came in at 106 out of 169 and her time was 20:43.  Her school for the girls placed second overall.  She was really happy with her results.


Dearest Kelleyn,
Kudos to Addy for going back to something she loved doing.
It taught her the oh so important perseverance and that will serve her throughout life.
She sure did well, considering her build and not having the longest legs!
Big hugs,
NCSue said…
Have a great season!
Thanks so much for sharing at

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