Celebrating Owen


As I have previously explained in this space due to Covid, we were not able to hold a funeral or wake for my father and so I flew up to Boston just a little over a week ago to do that very thing.  We choose to have dinner at a restaurant called Andiamo in Andover, Mass which is less than 20 minutes away from where my dad grew and lived most of his life.  Sadly, many of his family members were not able to attend due to health challenges.  We stil all had a lovely time.  Right before dinner I stopped by my cousin Mo's house who is also batteling cancer and because of her condition is not allowed to leave her home.  It was wonderful visiting with her as well.  I didn't take any pictures of our visit since she had just gotten back from a treatment and wasn't feeling well.  Just thinking back on that day makes my heart swell.  I wish I lived closer at times because I enjoy our time together so much.  Even my best friend commented on how much fun she had that evening.  Our celebration of Owen was not filled with tears, but with love and laughter and I know that is exactly how he would have wanted it!

On the back row is Andrew, Sara, Queenie, and Jane then the in the far back David, myself, my friend Buffi and my cousin Susan.


Dearest Kelleyn,
Those are now emotional memories put to rest and kept alive with fond and happy memories—a life well lived and remembered!
Yes, through those Covid restrictions so many people's lives have been affected! SAD but we cannot undo that period.

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