Taorima is a small village along the coast just north of Catania  Need I say more!  So gorgeous!  We have been enjoying the last two days at the beach.   The beach is a little rocky, but the children don't seem to mind.  


Look how clear the water is!! Oh, to go scuba diving there some day. Enjoy your trip and safe travels to you and the family.
Francesca said…
Taormina? There's a gorgeous amphitheater there!
Love all the smiles! Looks like a beautiful spot to beat the heat.
Angela said…
So many people looking so tanned! I am envious! I love the ocean and photos that shows the ocean makes me happy! Look at that smile on the baby, so adorable! You family is having lots of fun. Lovely photos!
Unknown said…
Looks wonderful! The water is so clear!
Emily said…
Taormina! What a great spot! The views from the Greek theatre are stunning, and if you get a chance you can drive up to Castelmola (which is literally just above Taormina) where the food is fantastic and the views are even *more* breathtaking, if that's possible. Have fun!

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