The Milan Aquarium

While I think the children wouldn't mind going to the art museum, I have been keeping our activities here in Milan pretty kid friendly.  On Thursday, we headed to the Aquarium.  You can get there by taking the red line on the Metro and getting off at Lanza.-Viale G.Gadio n°2.  It isn't a large aquarium, but still made for a fun morning.  One of the cool things we saw were these egg pouches that you could see through.  The babies were inside.  It looked like something from a sci-fi film, so  interesting to see but at the same time kind of creepy.  Afterwards we walked over to the park located behind the Sforza castle where we played earlier in the week.   This time Roman road the motorized train and the coin electric cars.  I can't remember where we ate for lunch, but one of my favorite areas to eat at in the Brera district.   There you will find a lot of great restaurants.  I had spaghetti carbonara and the boys spaghetti.  Addy loves prosciutto, so my dish was a hit with her.


Nice that you have found so many kid friendly activities to aquariums. Have a wonderful weekend!

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