Bern, Switzerland

As Willy Nelson said in a song "Were on the Road Again."  On Saturday, we drove from Heidelberg, Germany to Bern, Switzerland which is about a 4 hour drive without traffic.  It took us about 5.  This visit we just hung out with our good friends Martin, Suzanne, Amira, and Flurin.  No tourist spot!  Saturday the weather was amazing and the children just played in the pool.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a lovely meal of grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, green beans with bacon, salad from the garden, and cookies and ice cream for dessert.  Then it was back into the pool for the children where they played until way after the moon game out.  Addy tried to drown herself, but thanks to her brother Roman who shouted out to Frank who was able to scoop her out. Thankfully, no harm was done!  I can't imagine the other scenario.  She is a busy girl we are going to need to keep our eyes on her.  The next morning our friends made us a wonderful breakfast.  Next stop Lusanne!


Looks like a wonderful place and great time with friends....minus Addy almost drowning! Safe travels!
Emily M. said…
oh, switzerland! so glad you get to go to lausanne--it's been almost exactly two years since we left, and am missing it a ton. if you get a chance you should make a stop in morges. it's a beautiful little town, just a ten minute train ride away. have an almond croissant at fornerod, and take a walk along the lake. :)
Rachel said…
Hi Kelleyn! I really love visiting you on your blog! Your adventures look fabulous. I'm so glad about Addy. Those situations give me the shakes for a long time afterward. May you travel safely, Rachel
Dana said…
Poor Addy girl! I have a feeling that her big brothers will always be there to protect her. I love the collage you made for this post :)
Sounds like a wonderful time! Your family is adorable & you know that poppy photo makes me swoon :) XOL
Francesca said…
what a scary moment!
happy days in switzerland!

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